My Story


The story begins with two hands and a dream. A dream to spark creativity by making sustainable hand-made stationery. With this dream in mind, founder, designer and maker, Kelly Gilchrist, built (by hand) Seventh and Two, a stationery boutique.


While studying Graphic Design, Kelly took an (intense) interest in bookbinding and has never looked back, still learning and discovering she aims to fill the world with hand-made stationery by creating beautifully balanced pieces which form the base of Seventh and Two. Passionate about design, stationery and the little things in life, Kelly understands that paper has the ability to engage the senses.

“Do the work that feeds your soul,
not your ego”

-  Jessica Walsh


Steeped in history, the book or codex is hailed as the most important advance in book making before the invention of the printing press. The codex transformed the book itself, allowing the gradual replacement of the scroll. Often in history the book was ignored, often considered less important than the contents it held, the book was a support. Although, through the techniques, tools and materials that are used to create Seventh and Two pieces, Kelly hopes to celebrate the unique place of books and paper in our lives.

Underlying everything that Kelly does, is her aim to refresh the dying craft of bookbinding.


“Bookbinding is a humble pursuit. Rarely does it receive the attention and glamour afforded to other ancient crafts. Unlike the silversmith or the glassblower, whose talents are immediately obvious, the binder’s craft of construction is largely concealed.”

-      Lee Hayes, The University of Adelaide.



Growing up in New Zealand, Kelly has witnessed the importance of sustainability. From book binding cloth to courier satchels, the materials that are used to create the Seventh and Two pieces are sourced from local businesses who are similar minded.

Seventh and Two only uses paper from sustainable paper sources, which is acid free or often has a percentage of recycled paper in its pulp.

The bookbinding materials are sourced from Australian based businesses and are traditionally made by companies who have been making these materials for over 150 years.

Using traditional bookbinding techniques together with modern materials, design principles and sustainable practices, Kelly has nurtured a sweet marriage between history, design and sustainability.