5 reasons why you should learn a new (analogue) skill

I’m not sure about you, but I have always been one to question everything, how does this work? What if this happened? Or this? I’m sure if you asked my family members they would confirm, “yes, she asks a million and one questions!”. I have always been curious, and I am forever learning! So, with that said I thought I would share with you why I think we all should be forever learning especially analogue skills! Here are 5 reasons why you should learn a new (analogue) skill:


1.    It is immensely rewarding!

Being able to see something coming together right in front of your eyes is something out of this world. Yes! You made that! You brought that into existence and it is your very own! So, never underestimate the power of creation nor the sense of accomplishment when you have achieved whatever you set your mind too. I’m sure artists and gardeners alike would agree!


2.    Powerful source of motivation.

If this is the first time that you have attempted to paint, sculpt or bind a book, your sense of wonder takes over with an amazing realisation of what you can actually do! This realisation may be the push you needed to achieve your childhood dreams or create some new goals. Never underestimate this, never.

3.    Hack your brain

By learning a new skill, you are helping yourself to hack your brain. Not in a data-driven way but in a way that allows you to awaken it from the everyday drag. Trying something different or new, whether difficult or easy, you are taken off autopilot and are required to pay more attention to what you are doing. Through not knowing what will happen next, your brain is alert and focused so take advantage of this and enjoy whatever you have chosen to do next!


4.    You may discover a new passion

People are often unaware of what they are passion about until they reflect on the things that they have done. Often, it’s at the point where you can’t stop thinking about it or continue to come back to it. I must admit graphic design is my first love, my true passion and a very close second is bookbinding. It is my creative outlet, my hands-on analogue skill that challenges me. And until I had made my first book, I had absolutely no idea. So, try as much as you possibly can, you might be surprised!

Once you stop learning, you start dying. - Albert Einstein


5.    It’s fun!

Last but absolutely not least! It. Is. Fun! Learning something new is great fun! You are so focused that time flies (and you know what they say!). You are meeting new people who all have interesting backgrounds, other passions and skills. You are discovering things about yourself. And most of all, you are able to take a step out of the everyday and replace it with something that is not only fun, it’s rewarding, motivational, a change, new and did I say mention FUN?

One of these fantastic analogue skills is bookbinding for upcoming workshops click here (and yes, I’m totally biased).  For more information on upcoming Bookbinding Workshops click here.

Kelly Gilchrist