A man you need to know: Robert Coupland Harding, part II

Robert Coupland Harding’s reoccurring article, Design in Typography, has the power to release the design nerd in all of us. Over the years of Typo, Harding used the article, Design in Typography to explain the art of printing in a systematic manner. He begins with what he refers to as the ‘broad principles of display,’ which he then continues to discuss the large and opinionated ‘subject of decoration’.

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Kelly Gilchrist
A man you need to know: Robert Coupland Harding

Robert Coupland Harding, arguably New Zealand’s first typographer, began the typographic journal appropriately titled, Typo, in his printing premises on Hastings Street in Napier in 1887. As a one-man band, Harding’s passion and obsession with printing, typography and technology shines through in his dedicated Journal.

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